Just let me have him, I want to treat him right

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Ok, I’m about to shatter some dreams.

So, some of you might have seen this thing:

It was a mockumentary years ago on (I think) Discovery Channel. A lot of people made the mistake of thinking this was real and they’d actually found real dragons (I don’t know how because it’s not structured…

Oh my god thank you for breaking this down.

I have loved the shit out of dragons since I was little. When I first saw the ads/trailers for this, I was so freaking excited. Granted, I knew right off the bat it would be a mockumentary (and it makes me sad that people completely bought it, in the same way they believed that horrible Shark Week documentary that tried to pass as a real event about a killer shark) but I was so excited to see how they would look in live-action documentary-type setting.

And when I finally saw it, I was… pretty underwhelmed. And pretty disappointed in some of the directions they chose to take. I still liked the CGI, but the rest barely held my attention. The hydrogen bladder idea didn’t make much sense to me to begin with, and then they had to end it by showing the BIG BAD STOOPID HUMANZ killing off the baby dragon and just sour my mood completely.

Honestly, I think there’s better concepts on how dragons would look and function anatomically in the How To Train Your Dragon movies and TV series, even given some of the exaggerated/disproportionate designs for some of them. Fire-breath limitations, specific diets that affect their breath and bodies, mating rituals, migratory patterns, and tons of unique species that completely nailed the movements and behaviors of animals everywhere from cats, reptiles, birds and larger mammals - especially apparent in HTTYD2.  And they’re Dreamworks movies based on a childrens’ book series for crying out loud.




silly comic with vampires and their human make-up artist friends


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That one friend with the fucked-up sense of humor:



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EUREKA MOMENT WAS TOO WEIRD MAN. but it happens i guess. happened with me and my whole going art path instead of med but haru’s was completely different.

I thought it was odd and I was snorting when people said "He wanted to go pro because he saw the Olympic-sized pool" and I went "Pfft! That’s ridiculous. That can’t be it!" AND THEN I WATCH THE EPISODE AND WAS LIKE "ok. it’s true. OTL"

I respect Haru’s decision (even though I still wanted him to be a chef or like an artist—even a manga artist D:). But what really sets me off is that, he fought for what he believed in since season one until episode 11 to the point he risked his friendship with Makoto, and that, my friend shows how much it weighs. And then we get this episode (as adorable as it is with the beach scene with rin bragging about him and sousuke pffft!) it was like all his beliefs were ignored? Was the whole two season pointless with them shoving to us again and again that Haru swims free? I admit I have not watched that much sports anime (or anime in general since i’m a bit new) but wouldn’t it be nice to watch a sports anime wherein the protagonist chooses a different path? To go unorthodox. 

Thing is, Haru has so many choices. He is seriously talented and the creators just kinda didn’t make him have other options. :( He could be the youngest chef who specializes on different ways to prepare saba and he’d be beaming with pride because hell yeah people finally appreciates the beauty of saba please have more in like forever and his friends would be totally cool with it because why the hell not? At least he’s using his saba obsession into something amazing and he’s kicking butt with it.

I do look forward to the finale to see how they fix this but I’m not hoping on it too much considering season one finale. A hug between the best friends is probably the only thing I’m hoping for but we might not ever get that. But who knows?


Anonymous said: what didn't you like about this ep?



Basically, instead of creating an original ending, Kyoani went with exactly what everyone expected them to do.

Throughout the season, Haru has shown nothing but anxiety, resistance, and anger towards even the THOUGHT of swimming professionally. And now, just because he saw a pool in Australia, he somehow has the passion to follow this career path? A career path he has been fighting ever day for the whole fucking summer??? He sees these professional swimmers — people he’s literally had NIGHTMARES about becoming because he didn’t want to become the industry’s toy— and he isn’t scared anymore?

Wtf?? That’s horrible writing. Yeah, it’s character development from fear to excitement about the future, but it would’ve been more moving if Haru DIDNT end up doing what everyone expected him to do.

I wanted to see Haru continue to refuse to be pressured into something he DOES. NOT. WANT. I wanted him to find his own way, find an original dream where he could be free for himself. What lesson does becoming a professional swimmer teach? Follow what everyone wants you to do? Go with your natural talents, even if it’s terrifying and you don’t want to do it?

They repeated the symbol of the free bird throughout this episode, but since when do birds let themselves be forced into a cages that everyone wants them to be in? If Haru was really gonna embody the bird symbol, he would have went against the tides and not been chained down by others’ expectations. He would have been loyal to his own feelings and decided to do whatever he thought would make him feel most at peace.

Not to mention that the ending is unrealistic. Let me tell you, you don’t just magically realize your dream like that. You don’t suddenly want to follow a career path that you fear and hate just because you see some professionals in that field.

That ending was such fucking bullshit because it taught that you should let yourself be forced into a future you don’t want and that eventually all your problems will wondrously be solved. Fat fucking chance. That’s not how it works in real life and I hoped that they would’ve conveyed that. Unfortunately, they didn’t and I am extremely disappointed.

They repeated the symbol of the free bird throughout this episode, but since when do birds let themselves be forced into a cages that everyone wants them to be in?”





the whole “anger is poisonous and bad for u” mindset was created by people who didn’t want to deal w the justified anger directed at them by others

anger is powerful and important, anger is fuel, and only you determine whether or not your anger is good or bad for you


That’s hardly an accurate statement. It destroys all the nuance of a complex issue and turns it into little more than a trendy catchphrase.

Consider the alternative: The idea that anger is poisonous, in part, comes from people - such as myself - who have been so immersed in anger that parts of ourselves were left damaged. I’ve been there. I know anger is poison because I’ve experienced its effects. I know this, because I have been consumed by rage and emerged, intact but scarred.

Wrath draws people further into itself, for the simple reason that it is immensely satisfying. It may not begin as all-consuming hatred, but like any addiction, the rush of catharsis it brings quickly grows to become almost irresistible, until everything around you begins to appear as though it exists solely to feed that anger.

"Justified anger"? Justification is immensely difficult to determine, because in this world that has a vast multiplicity of perspectives, "right" can mean a great many things to a great many people. Who are we to judge one opinion as worth more or less than another? Not even suffering gives you that right. We have all suffered. That does not give us the privilege to rank suffering as one might rank the results of a competition.

This idea that anger is a toxin is much more than just a fear response. We who have partaken of rage know what it achieves, and the price it demands. In my experience, it has given me very little and taken a great deal in return. Why should I continue to use a fuel that burns its vessel up further with every use? It can be controlled, I know, and it can certainly be mastered, directed toward better ends - but this isn’t just a dangerous path. It’s the more difficult one.

See, changing the world isn’t something an individual can do. Society must be guided toward fixing its own ills. All those of you who have been subjected to hatred and pain are angry because these were negative experiences. The people you direct that anger to - when you strip away the notion of the Other that separates you from them - would react the same way, because by and large, they have the same range of thought and expression. These people are individuals, likely more similar to you than different - they are not their ancestors or their predefined group.

To create change, you must ensure that a great many people listen to reason - or else burn the whole world to the ground, and rebuild with the survivors. The latter is both unwise and impractical. The former cannot exist in the presence of uncontrolled anger (and realistically, it rarely stays controlled for long) - who, with a mind clouded by anger, will have the least bit of attention to spare for a rational argument?

From experience alone, I’ve found that patience and understanding are needed not for moral or ethical reasons, but for practical ones. They can sway thoughts in ways that rage and violence has never, in all of history, matched. Anger works in the short term, but its yield rarely lasts.

If you can’t let go of anger altogether, then turn it toward injustices themselves, and not toward people - neither groups nor individuals. Being angry all too often leaves us unable to identify our real enemies - not people, but the harmful ways of thinking they may harbor, which they often do only out of ignorance.

Isn’t effectiveness, at least, a more compelling cause to fight for than any mere difference of ethical standards? When removing disease from an organism, a scalpel may succeed where a sword would not.

Bold is placed for emphasis.

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my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

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"So tell me about yourself."

Whenever I hear this, especially from people older than me, from family or co-workers or new friends of my parents, it covers up the real statement.
"Tell me about your achievements."

Because whenever I start to say “I love animals” or “I love nature” or “I love art and music and internet” it moves into them asking “Nice! So where’d you go to school? What degree do you have? What is your career path?”

More often than not, people seem to want to know mainly about what I’ve done and what I plan to do, not who I am. They don’t want to know what characteristics define me. They want to know what accomplishments define me.

The first thing people asked me after I graduated college after nearly tripping at the finish line: “So are you going to grad school?”
The first thing my coworkers told me a week after I got back from college: “What?! You don’t have a new job in mind yet?? Oh come on you graduated college!”
The first thing a few of my relatives asked me after I got out of college: “So do you have a boyfriend/husband yet?”

It’s all about what I do, not about what I really live for. It’s gotten to the point where I’m terrified of what people will think if I flat-out tell them the truth about my future: I don’t know.

I only have a vague idea at most on what I want to do with this useless Bachelor’s degree in Art. I still wonder daily if I made a mistake going down that path.

But, someday, I hope I can have the courage to tell people “I don’t know” with confidence, despite how they may react.

And, someday, I hope that when people say “so tell me about yourself,” they listen with full intention to hear about my passions, my drive and my emotions, instead of just seeing me as another face in the crowd trying to scramble to the top of the pecking order.



when someone tells me to calm down when i’m talking about things i’m passionate about



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"why do you hate truscum so much!!!!!" maybe because trans people already experience enough transphobia at the hands of cis people and we don’t need people in our own community holding the same harmful mentalities.

the only people holding the same harmful mentalities is anti truscum since you all think being trans is a choice. Which is one of the main causes for transphobic behaviors and attitudes in cis people. bye

being trans isn’t always a choice, but it CAN be and the point we’re trying to get across is that somebody who does choose it isn’t any less valid than a trans person who didn’t and it’s none of your business if they did or not.
also don’t blame trans people for transphobia, if a cis person is transphobic it’s because they’re a shitty person. not because some trans people choose their gender identities.

Here’s whats wrong with your statement, kid. 

If someone does not experience dysphoria, then why in the ever living hell would they choose to be put in a position where they will face transphobia?Since most cis people only believe that all trans people chose their different gender identity.

"also don’t blame trans people for transphobia"

it isn’t transphobia if someone is not trans, is it? 

Transmedicalists are only trying to erase the popular, transphobic belief that someone chose to be trans. Cis people in general only believe that it was just a choice… they start believing that all trans people chose. And they don’t make themselves aware of dysphoric individuals. There will be less sentiment for those people as the “being trans is a choice” idea expands. and theres more.. but im sure youve heard. 

If someone wants to break free of gender norms and they don’t have dysphoria, then they need to make a new label other than trans. I don’t see why that is so hard. 

Anti truscum ideology is seriously hurting people, but who cares, right? because people just ""want"" to be a different gender for politics, pity, trendiness, manipulation, sabotage… and “”we should let everybody in.!! uwu”“ 

Sometimes you have to understand that numbers won’t win a battle. Expanding the trans community by letting anybody in, isn’t going to solve anything. This isn’t that type of battle. It’s only going to make it worse. 

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drew a bunch of kurts to practice more dynamic poses

i could literally draw this blue dork all day

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me during classes

  • "that’s racist"
  • "that’s sexist"
  • "there are more than two genders"
  • "ok but could we maybe not use that word"
  • "that’s ableist"
  • "there aren’t enough girls in here"

I hope you get sent out of the room for constantly interrupting everyone else’s attempts to learn because you can’t stop yourself parroting buzzwords you learned off tumblr 

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i hate it when my “friends” just dismiss something i’m really passionate about like “oh you’re talking about that again” like shut up don’t ruin this for me do you know how many times i’ve pretended to care or even genuinely tried to get interested in what you like????? the least you could do is fake it rather than making me feel like a burden

This is one of the most hurtful things friends do

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